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Kala Brand Music Company - America's Favorite Ukulele!

Kala Brand Ukuleles are the best selling ukes in the USA, Kala is second to none in innovation, customer service and great quality at a great price!

Kala Keeps Innovating! Check Out Our New Kala Guitar Series!

The 6-String Kala Guitarlele - the perfect travel guitar!

About Kala Brand Ukuleles - Where Innovation meets Tradition

Known as one of the world's most famous and fast-selling ukulele brand, Kala is the name that rolls of everyone's tongue whenever the ukulele is mentioned. Started in 2005 by Mike Upton, Kala Brand Music Co. is one of the very few ukulele brands out there that is brimming with innovation and never fails to disappoint. The folks at Kala love what they do as well as the people they serve. They take pride in being a music company where:

  • Innovation meets Tradition
  • Passion meets Playability
  • Quality meets Value

Kala was the first to invent the thinline Travel Ukulele, a slim body uke that can fit effortlessly into a carry-on luggage–perfect for that beach vacation. 

They were also the first to introduce the U-bass, a short scale baritone-sized bass that is being taken very seriously by professional touring and studio musicians who use the U-bass in concerts, performances and recording studios the world over. Musicians like Bakithi Kumalo who plays for Paul SImon, Esperanza Spalding, Hutch hutchinson for Bonnie Raitt, and many others have taken to the U-bass in droves.

A truly progressive company, Kala currently offers over 120 different models of ukulele in a variety of woods including Acacia, Koa, Lacewood, Mango, Flame/Spalted Maple, Spruce, Bocote, Rosewood, Pacific Walnut, Exotic Mahogany with many more to come. Kala is constantly coming up with new and novel ideas, coupled with ever-growing innovations in instrument design, it is no wonder that so many people look to Kala for their ukulele purchases.