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The Big Sound of Phil Jones Bass - A New & Better Way to Amplify Your Bass Guitar!

Why Phil Jones Bass? 

Phil Jones founded PJB in 2002 with the goal of making the finest sounding bass amps on the planet at prices that are affordable to the musician. His vision was to use the latest technology in small loudspeaker units and apply this to bass amps. Phil Jones is legendary for his loudspeaker engineering and sound design, and owns several patents for loudspeaker technology. He has achieved international recognition and received many awards for excellence in hi-fi and studio loudspeaker designs. 


Phil’s roots trace back to Wales where he began his lifelong passion for bass along with his childhood pal Pino Palladino, the bassist for the Who. With degrees in Electronics and Music Phil’s love for bass evolved into the desire to make the greatest sounding bass amps in the world. Having made his first amp in his teens Phil has continued to pursue the cutting edge in bass sound design. 


Quest for Excellence, what makes PJB so special? 

The amps are ultra powerful for their size and weight. PJB has put huge expense into R&D. American Acoustic Development; the holding company of PJB has one of the world’s largest anechoic chambers, even bigger than JBL’s! PJB not only builds its own cabinets and electronics, they also design and build their own loudspeaker units. Utilizing the most advanced technologies such as Laser Doppler Interferometers to analyze loudspeaker behavior in 3D at all frequencies and power levels.


It is the complete and highly detailed approach that elevates PJB above the competition. 

PJB sets the standard in proprietary design. Component details such as the control knobs, heavily-chromed knuckle corners, steel reinforced rubber feet, and the screws are designed and manufactured by PJB.