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Laureate by Alvarez - We Obsessed Over the Details - New for 2024

A bench made approach to the build.

The quality of every component is so important in the overall performance of an acoustic guitar. For Laureate Series we hand select every bridge plate, brace, side brace and piece of kerfing from thousands, to make sure they are the best quality possible for structure and appearance. This dedication can be seen, heard and felt and brings a rare level of detailing to the build process.

Don't Stop Believin' on Boomwhackers! 

THUD's rendition of the classic by Journey, "Don't Stop Believin'." This is so cool!

Get Boomwhackers through Mark Allison Marketing, LLC. Distributed by RBI - Rhythm Band Instruments.

Introducing: Dixon Cornerstone 6.5"x14" Hammered Steel Titanium Plated Snare Drum, Beauty Meets Engineering!

Cornerstone series drums are the direct result of Dixon's focus on the fundamental needs of the working drummer - look, sound and performance. Our 6.5"x14" hammered steel titanium plated snare drum features a cool new brand image, spirited backbeat and quality Dixon craftsmanship, powered by a 1mm hammered steel shell, plated in stunning titanium for a the perfect balance of versatility and distinction. Built to stand out, Dixon Cornerstone snares get the gig.

E. K. Blessing




Designed with the advanced student in mind, the Blessing BFH-1461N Double French Horn offers features preferred by a generation of American hornists. The large throat nickel bell affords a rich sound with greater tonal depth and maximum projection. The design offers a flexible instrument that is responsive and free blowing.

Sensible, cost effective solutions to modify your drum sound and to keep you playing!

Getting the perfect drum sound takes the right drum, with the right drumhead and a working knowledge of how to fine tune the drum for the music and the room. Having the right tools to modify the sound can make it quick and easy.

DrumKitTOOLS by Aquarian Drumheads is a collection of simple and practical solutions for helping you fine-tune your drum sound, maintain and extend the life of your drumheads, and temporarily fix things when they break! Check out these ingenious solutions below: