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Aquarian Drumheads...                                 For the Sound You Demand!

Published on Jun 28, 2016

Playing in his home studio, Toss Panos, Aquarian endorsee, gives us a glimpse into the drum sound he hears resonating in his head. The groove doesn't end, it's infectious. This impromptu performance shows why his approach to the kit and his drum sound makes him a favorite among musicians everywhere. 

Aquarian Drumheads was founded by renowned jazz drummer, Roy Burns, with the desire to bring a variety of drumheads and products created and tested by drummers for drummers. Aquarian experienced tremendous growth in a relatively short time because of innovative ideas and unique products of superior quality. As Roy says, "In everything we do, we keep the drummer in mind. We focus on helping the drummer attain a musical sound and achieve a better performance."

Aquarian has expanded its line to include many inovative products including: Triple Threat - "Triple Ply Technology", Vintage Series, Super Kick Series, Hi-Impact, Hi-Velocity, Articulator, Force Ten, Classic Clear Series, inHEAD Kick & Snare Bundle Pack, onHEAD PED, Texture Coated, Jack DeJohnette, Studio X Series, Accessories, Graphite Sticks, Practice Pads and much more! 

As a drummer, Mark Allison can testify to the high quality and wide variety of drum heads and accessories Aquarian Drumheads offers. They have something for drummers for every style of playing.

L-R Jamie Harris, Mark Allison, Roy Burns