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CAIG Laboratories, Home of DeoxIT, More than a Contact Cleaner!


Home of the DeoxIT® family of environmentally-safer contact cleaners and connector enhancing treatments. DeoxIT® improves the performance and reliability of all equipment and parts. CAIG Laboratories products are proudly made in the USA and distributed by Hosa Technology!

Here's what the News/Studio Sessions Editor for Radio World has to say:

"The DeoxIT® Gold works great. I used it on some old tube equipment and it eliminated a loud hum that I thought was something more serious. DeoxIT® D-Series also got rid of the recurring contact noise in a rotary control that usually returned after using other sprays. Even works on keeping oxidation from metal panels and knobs."

CAIG Laboratories offers an extensive array of cleaners, lubricants, enhancers, preservatives, and accessories for electronic, electrical and mechanical applications. CAIG’s familiar and trusted DeoxIT® products are environmentally safe and CAIG is constantly developing new products and applicators. CAIG Cleaning Solutions™ offers a unique retail cleaning product line for improving the performance and reliability of all consumer electronics equipment. CAIG has manufactured the highest quality electronic chemicals since 1956 for use worldwide as companies, including OEM’s, rely on CAIG’s products in their manufacturing process and service departments.

Adding CAIG products to your store or showroom is a great way to help your customers take better care of the instrument cables and electronic gear that they purchase from you!