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Knilling~Giving Passion a Voice.    Bringing You Inspired String Instruments.

At Knilling, our highest purpose is the design of instruments that draw musicians in, and help them find their own, personal sound.  We feel that a musician’s voice is a unique gift that must be sought out and honed, and our passion is creating instruments that inspire both players and educators, and help guide a musician in bringing their voice to life.

Knilling was founded in St. Louis, 1922.  It’s founder, Bernard Kornblum, had deep roots in both music and Europe, the very birthplace of the violin, naming his company for a well-known German luthier, Johannes Knilling.  Over the past century, Knilling has focused on the quality and craftsmanship of their instruments and are known around the world for models with a fantastic aesthetic and excellent longevity.  Knilling’s use and knowledge of tonewoods has worked in concert with their designs to achieve a range of focused sounds that students and professionals alike will enjoy.

Great looks, durability and tone are among the key hallmarks of Knilling instruments, but there’s another crucial element to our models:  Innovation.  Knilling is the first violin maker to introduce planetary gear tuning pegs. Perfection Pegs® are now ordered on over 50% of Knilling instruments, solving the centuries-old problem of temperamental friction pegs.  Perfection Pegs® maintain the aesthetic of traditional pegs, but feature gears within the peg shank that allow for precise, painless tuning.  Knilling has been instrumental in bringing the Perfection Peg® to market, resulting in thousands of players and educators being able to dive straight into their instrument and learn with greater speed and efficiency, without the frustration a traditional peg can cause.  Removing the barriers of old designs and paving a clearer way to practice, discovery and mastery is at the heart of Knilling’s purpose.

Other innovations and commitment to quality lie in our custom shop in St. Louis.  Every instrument is inspected and set up before shipping, and every order is prepared according to an educator or player’s needs.  Customers can order specific tailpieces, pegs, bows and strings, and we stand by each instrument with an exceptional, limited lifetime warranty.